Eco2 – We don’t preach, well let’s see …

Thought I’d make my first attempt at live blogging a conference at Eco2 so apologies for any typos, inacuracies or brevity … …

First up is supposed to be Norman Baker, Transport Minister. He’s the first ever transport minister to have responsibility for alternatives to travel!

Low Carbon future must happen at the same time as creating jobs.

Govt is committed. Transport fared well in CSR as it is investment for the future.

Stimulation at consumer and supplier end of a new market eg new bus fund.

Carsharing, cycling and walking all still get investment.

Focus is on behavioural changes for journeys of 5 miles or less. Cycling and walking have a good return, by any form of economic analysis. Plus, evidence suggests that shoppers actually buy more, when they travel in by sustainable transport. (minister quipped about “I’m not sure but perhaps they spend what they saved on their parking fee?”).

£560M for local sustainable transport fund in urban areas.

Reducing the need to travel by virtual working. Exciting agenda. As per my intro.


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