Monthly Archives: August 2007

An interactive hand-over document to my successor

The stimulus for writing the blog is to provide a more interactive form of hand-over document to my successors within the Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITSS) Innovation Platform. It used to be part of the old DTI, but is now within a Non-Departmental Public Body, called the Technology Strategy Board. By gradually updating elements, it will help to keep the hand-over process live and hopefully will allow a few more people to get involved in the process. Also, hopefully it will provide a more interactive on-line resource for other people as well about the ITSS Innovation Platform.


Starting is always the hardest part …

It’s always tricky to start , so I’ll jump in on “why this blog ?”. I’ve been on secondment from industry into the Civil Service, heading up a thing called the Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITSS) Innovation Platform. The purpose of this blog is to share some of my insights on transport, innovation, what it is like to step back into working in Government … It is simplest, but a little inaccurate, to say that I was seconded from QinetiQ into the Department of Trade and Industry, but I’ll tell you more about that later.