Monthly Archives: February 2007

21st-22nd February ’06: The FITS final panel

Five innovative collaborative projects had emerged from the Future Intelligent Transport System’s (FITS) sandpit and the final hurdle was for a subset of the teams to present to a “dragon’s den”, made up primarily of industrial assessors, some of whom who had acted as mentors at the sandpit and some of whom were fresh to the initiative. The presentations were spread over two days and combined with the usual panel activity, combining the results from the peer reviewers and coming up with a final rank order. The panel had to make some difficult decisions, comparing “apples with oranges” and recommending where the three Government stakeholders should spend their money.


13th Feb ’07: The 5th ITSS Innovation Platform Steering Group

With the longer term challenges progressing well (otherwise known as the Future Intelligent Transport Systems, FITS, initiative or “Challenge B”), the Steering Group turned its attention to the shorter-term “Challenge A” and how best to coordinate the programmes, in particular DfT’s Road Pricing Demonstrations Project and DTI’s Technology Programme competition.