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September 2006 – Advance notice of the FITS initiative

FITS, the Future Intelligent Transport Systems initiative, was the first truely joint activity organised by the ITSS Innovation Platform and brought together 3 Government stakeholders: DTI, EPSRC and DfT. In order to try and give industry as much notice as possible, we provided a ‘joint annoucement’ of the project was made in September, via 10x Knowledge Transfer Networks, in advance of the formal fanfare at the ITS World Congress.

Quoting from the attachment: Joint Notice of the FITS programme

“The sponsors’ vision for this Future Intelligent Transport Systems (FITS) initiative is to support highly innovative and wide-ranging research, innovation and technology demonstrator projects, combining the best UK expertise in Industry, Local Authorities, transport service providers and Universities. This initiative is aimed at bringing benefit to all of these sectors but particularly to the longer-term development of UK-based companies seeking to position themselves in what is a potentially huge global market opportunity.

To enable this, the sponsors will be supporting a limited number of initiatives that:

  •  Develop innovative solutions to transport problems;

  •  Stimulate and/or accelerate industry investment in innovation;

  •  Demonstrate innovation in transport operations and exploitation of project outputs;

  •  Adopt a multidisciplinary approach;

  •  Show promise of high quality research outputs.”


22nd Sept 2006 – The 3rd ITSS-IP Steering Group

The 3rd ITSS-IP Steering Group focussed on the imminent launch of the Future Intelligent Transport Systems (FITS) initiative, but also tried to “keep the plates spinning” on the shorter-term activities associated with telematics and road-pricing and keep the parallel programmes coordinated.

The Steering Group was pleased to hear that DfT had allocated an additional £3M to contribute into the FITS programme and that the details of the process for the competition were now almost agreed – quite some undertaking when we have three different contributing parties (DTI, EPSRC and DfT) each with their own priorities and standard practices.