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31st July 2006: SEEDA launches the first competition coordinated by the ITSS Innovation Platform

On the 31st July 2006, SEEDA launched the first competition coordinated by the ITSS Innovation Platform: SEEDA ITS competition.  SEEDA was looking to support collaborative projects which address the following ITS Challenge:

 “To provide businesses or consumers with services which improve:

–  transport logistics;

– congestion;

– single or multi-modal journey-planning; or

– access to information,

in an affordable, scalable, accurate and secure manner.”


25th July 2006 – Endorsement of the ITSS-IP Action Plan by the Technology Strategy Board

The July meeting of the Technology Strategy Board in the Institute of Civil Engineering included an agenda item for the two pilot Innovation Platforms: ITSS and Network Security.  We both presented Action Plans to usefully spend the initial £10M allocation of Technology Programme funding. The plan for the ITSS was to split the funding between activity targetted at the medium and long-term. The Board was pleased that their initial allocation off £10M had been leveraged by a factor of over 3 from other stakeholders/contributors to the Innovation Platform. At that time, £31.5M of Government programmes had been agreed that they would be coordinated by the Innovation Platform (and the totaliser kept rising …)

£3M was allocated to support what later became the Future Intelligent Transport Systems (FITS) Initiative – the longer-term. £7M was allocated to support telematics and road pricing, working in parallel with DfT’s Time Distance Place (TDP) Road Pricing Demonstrations project and SEEDA’s ITS call. The visual presentation in the form of a roadmap helped to support this conclusion.

Jul 2006 – The 2nd IP Steering Group considers the first draft of the Innovation Platform roadmap

The second meeting of the ITSS Innovation Platform Steering Group followed closely after the first meeting and prepared the first draft of the Innovation Platform roadmap, which for the first time placed more than £30m of Government transport programmes into a coherent framework.

The roadmap helped to provide context to the current programmes, such as SEEDA’s forthcoming ITS competition, and after refinement was agreed for communication to industry at Innovate 2006 in November.